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Yes, Software Center does computer repair Joplin MO. In fact, we can diagnose most any problem you may come across. Once we have diagnosed your problems we are also able to get them fixed PDQ! So, if you have a slow running computer or have lost your ability to get online you’ve step into the world where we are super heroes! If this is you come on in and we’ll get you up and running quick! Diagnostics:

  1. Removal of Viruses/Malware/Spayware
  2. Device clean-up: Removal of Dust and Hair
  3. We can help you Recover Data and get Backup Solutions in place
  4. Internet Security Solutions
  5. Laptop DC Jack Repair
  6. Monitor repair and replacement if needed
  7. Diagnose your laptop problems and find you solution

Tip: Viruses, Malware and Spyware can harm your computer and sometimes your data; so, be sure you maintain a clean PC! Is your computer backed-up? We can help, call us today! Yes, we speak full Geek-speak! We understand firewalls, ports, IP address etc. We can help you stop hackers and other device threats which run a mock daily. Is your monitor broke or on the way out, come and see us! A happy laptop is one that can shine brightly for you.

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Computer solutions:

Computer Repair Joplin MOFile and printer solutions and multi-computer environments have become a necessity even in our homes, but especially in our businesses. Getting all your technology to work as a finely tuned symphony is our pleasure. Don’t get bogged down trying to do it yourself call on the Software Center! We set up shared System solutions for office environments for all your network & online activities. This includes wired and wireless networking solutions. Multi-computer environments? No problem, we’re just a quick call away. we set-up file and printer sharing. FTP and Domain Set-up when necessary, too! Operating System (OS) Set-up and installation, again not a problem, after we’re geeks! Need help installing new software? We’ve got you covered! Sometimes you have to be tethered and other times you need to be free to rome… We can set you free! In fact, you may find sometime where you need to run two or more computers and wish to control all through one mouse, monitor and keyboard;-) Cool, huh? Yes, use, share and print from any computer in the building! Need to update OS (Operating system) from old to new or new to old, we can help? Don’t like window 7 or 8, again we can help! Video cards, RAM, DVD drives and all other devices, you won’t surprise us promise! We are familiar with it all. ————————

Computer Upgrades & Enhancements

Computer Repair Joplin MOOperating systems upgrade and installs done quick and simple. Yes, we can help you upgrade peripheral devices like; Printers, DVD drives, back-up hard drives etc. Also can help with RAM, Video Cards and Hard Drive upgrades. In addition, we can clean up your PC by doing registry repair and clean-up, Disk De-frag and temporary file clean-up to boot. We’ll help you bring your computer up to the demands of today’s software. Got programs programs you’ve keep from running at start-up, now you don’t have to we’ll get it the power you need to be running in top condition. Registry issues are a biggie! Often they can be all messed up we can get your PC’s registry in tip top shape, we have the tools! Keeping your data organized and sequenced means a faster better computer, one that will make you smile!